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A Cup O' Joe.

Coffee scrubs are not only taking over the beauty world but its also taking over our showers. Yes, I will admit it may sound weird to be scrubbing coffee all over yourself for the sake of having smooth skin, but it really does work. Caffeine doesn't only benefit us to wake us up in the morning, it can also do a whole lot of good to your skin. Not everyone has perfect glowing skin, and a lot of suffer with redness and caffeine’s natural components help soothe it. The rough textures of the grains help to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells, making your skin feel smooth and clean.

Elle R Cosmétiques has a wide range of coffee scrubs called Looky Scrub suited to your needs. From classic to calming scrubs, you will definitely find one that you love. Elle R Cosmétiques was founded by Benoit Lussier who was a representative of a major cosmetic broker. In 2013, he decided to put his knowledge of cosmetics and experience to launch Elle R Cosmetiques with his two partners, Patrick Lapointe and Annie Roy. From product development to marketing plans, Benoit Lapointe has put his skills together to create one of the most successful cosmetic companies in Quebec and Canada.

Their collection of coffee scrubs has a total of 5 different scrubs:

Classic - This exfoliating coffee scrub eliminates dead skin cells, moisturizers the skin and even helps eliminate cellulite! The coffee grains and oils leave the skin feeling super smooth and glowing.

Calming - Enriched with lavender oil, this Looky Scrub not only has an incredible smell but it is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work or even a hard workout! This scrub also removes dead skin cells and gives your skin a beautiful glow to it.

Decongestant - Infused with natural eucalyptus, this coffee scrub is perfect when you're feeling a little under the weather! It easily clears your sinus' when you're feeling congested and even hydrates your skin at the same time.

Sliming - The holy grail. This coffee scrub is the perfect way to prep your skin for bikini body season! Caffeine is proven to reduce cellulite and helps tighten the skin making it look slimmer and toned.

Hydrate - Infused with jojoba oil, this coffee scrub is the go to scrub during the winter season when your skin tends to get dry and dull. This hydrating coffee scrub gets deep into the skin and cleans out all the dead skin cells, even helping to reduce the look of aging.

As messy as coffee scrubs can get (and I mean quite messy), coffee scrubs are the go to skin care regimen to get better looking skin. After 3 weeks of using these Looky Scrubs, we definitely saw a difference in our skin. Our skin looks healthier, toned and has a beautiful natural glow to it.

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