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Brunch and jewels.

It’s that time of year again where your Pretty and Brash girls have to start planning their winter articles. What better way to brainstorm over some delicious brunch. If you didn’t already know, us girls are huge fans of brunch. We love exploring new places and trying out delicious foods. Which is why we decided to give LOV a chance. LOV is a new trendy vegan restaurant here in Montreal that combines delicious vegan food with the super trendy decor. It’s the perfect spot to grab some brunch or even just a coffee with that special someone.

We decided to start off our brunch date with some delicious hot chocolate and mocha. The weather in Montreal is getting quite cold so we definitely couldn’t wait to have something warm. Being huge fans of avocado toasts, we were absolutely thrilled when we saw they had on the menu. After seeing how amazing Ariane’s avocado was, I couldn’t help myself and had to try their beet and almond feta (so good!!!) toast. I even decided to go for a healthy side of salad, while we cheated a little and shared some amazing breakfast potatoes (seriously, a must try).

The decor in LOV is what makes this restaurant so unique. From the swinging chairs to the elegant fixtures on the walls, it creates such a warm and inviting environment that will have you wanting to return. They are so focused on decor, that even the bathroom had its own special test.

For this brunch date, we decided to collaborate with CreatiVal which is also a Montreal jewelry brand who custom makes gorgeous pieces including; rings and bracelets. In these photos, you will see the gorgeous ring called “Bombie” as well as two bracelets, “Titi” and “Toto.” The beautiful marble beaded bracelet is “Titi” and the soft pink beaded bracelet is “Toto.” If you love adding a special little touch to your everyday outfits, these are definitely the jewelry to wear. We love supporting Montreal-based companies like ours and are so incredibly proud of the job Valerie has done for herself. Her pieces are absolutely beautiful and each one has its own uniqueness to it.

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