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Cafés around the world.

We absolutely love to travel and we love finding cute cafés in every city we visit. We love finding places with amazing, authentic coffee and delicious, fresh desserts. It was tough, but we managed to choose our top 5 favourite cafés around the world.


Iced coffee and Los Angeles form the perfect power couple. Some might say the people of Los Angeles love their organic juices, but I’m pretty sure they love their iced coffees just a bit more. While visiting LA this summer, the one cafe we kept going back to was Alfred. This place is filled with a cool vibe the moment you step foot into it. It is super trendy and they have some of the best cold brew coffee I have ever had. If you’re on the run (which people in LA usually always are) they have a variety of salads, sandwiches and veggies you can grab! Definitely can’t wait to go back.


Being from Montreal, there are so many cafés in the area. However, the one place I find myself always going back to is Tommy Café. Located in the Old Port, this little gem is the perfect place to grab a maple latte, their famous Nutella cronuts and catch up with a friend. It has a very rustic, yet modern vibe to it. The space is undoubtedly gorgeous, with plants hanging from the ceiling to match the all white decor. I love that this place has two floors, therefore there is always a place to sit and enjoy. So if you’re ever in Montreal, you should definitely check Tommy Café out!


Nothing sounds better than a fluffy pastry and espresso while taking a stroll down the Amalfi Coast. Heavenly right? Well that’s the outer body experience that occurred when we made a pit stop to Andrea Pansa. So many people recommended that this place needed to be a pit stop on our trip, and boy were they right! Their “sfogliatelle” also known as lobster tails, are some of the best I have ever tried. To top it all off, you get an authentic Italian espresso to complete this magical experience. Sometimes I still dream about this place and their delicious desserts!


On a recent trip to North Carolina, this cafe was discovered and absolutely adored. This cafe is not your ordinary cafe, it’s better. Bitty & Beau’s hires employees with intellectual and development disabilities. Over 70% of people with disabilities are unemployed due to their disability. Well, at Bitty and Beau’s they embrace everyone. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to work and show that they are just like everyone else. This café has been so successful not only for their amazing message behind it, but also for their amazing iced coffee and scrumptious biscuits.


When I think NYC, I automatically think of Jack’s Wife Freida. Not only is it a an amazing hidden gem for brunch but it has some good coffee. Jack’s Wife Freida has a very cool and trendy vibe to it. This place keeps calling me back for brunch every time I’m in the city. Yes, it may be super small but it is totally worth the wait. An all time favourite is the Green Shakshuka, it’s mouth watering. Their lattes are absolutely delicious and you can find cute little messages written on the sugar packets. If you love good brunch food and delicious coffee this is the place to be and be seen!

All of these cafés have their own individual speciality to them and are adored for many different reasons. Anytime you find yourself in one of the cities, be sure to check them out! Don’t forget to send us pictures of you and any of these locations!

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