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Comfy holidays.

School is almost over and the holidays are approaching fast. Nothing’s more exciting than putting on your favorite Christmas movie, a pair of comfy pajamas and sipping on a mug of hot chocolate. This year, Chelsia and I decided to visit a couple of stores in the search for the best and comfiest holiday pajamas.

While we were planning for this lookbook, we got the chance to team up with Alt Hotels and spend the day in one of their beautiful rooms. We put our touch in the room with some holiday decorations to really make it feel homey. It’s a perfect hotel for a romantic weekend or to unwind while staying in the city.


We wanted to find pajamas that reminded us of Christmas morning when we were kids, running down from our bedrooms to find all the gifts that Santa had left under the tree. Although the holidays are a little bit different as you get older, nothing beats the feeling of being with your loved ones and enjoying your time together.

Ariane's Chill(y) sweatshirt, Candy cane pants, and fuzzy socks are all from American Eagle.

Chelsia's plaid look is from Victoria's Secret.

Sultry and Stylish

For these sets of pajamas, we went from sultry, from comfy and stylish. Sometimes you just want to dress sexy and feel confident in yourself. We are all about self-confidence and wearing things that you feel confident in, no matter what. When feeling a little down, there is nothing I love more than putting something on that makes me feel confident and sexy. You do you boo!

There are also those days when you come in from a cold winter day and all you want is to wrap yourself up in some cozy flannel pajamas. There is nothing I love more than sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in my hands and relaxing in some warm flannel pajamas. It just screams the holidays.

Ariane's super comfy flannel pajamas are from Victoria Secret's Winter Collection

Chelsia's slip and kimono wrap are also from Victoria Secret's Winter Collection.

Let us know what your favorite style of pajamas is! Do you prefer flannel? Or are you more of a satin wearing girl. Leave a comment below where you enjoy buying some of your favorite pajamas!

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