• Chelsia

F*ck beauty standards.

How many times have you heard “oh you would look so much prettier with makeup” or “oh why do you have to put on so much makeup, show your natural beauty” or maybe even “you look different today, are you feeling sick?” Well ladies and gentlemen maybe I wear makeup because it’s something I enjoy. I love experimenting with colours and its a way to express who I am as a person. When I’m feeling angsty or in one of those moods, I’m most likely wearing a dark lipstick and some bad ass winged liner. Or maybe when I’m not feeling my best and barely wear any makeup at all, isn’t that all up to me? Isn’t what I do to express who I am as individual, up to me?

I don’t wear makeup to impress someone or to make them want to be interested in me because shouldn't my personality do that itself? Should I be judged on the makeup or lack of makeup that I wear? Will I appear less attractive or less appealing to someone if I don't have a full face of makeup on? There was a time where I was told I seemed “tired” and “something was different” about me that day. Want to know why? It’s because I didn't bother putting on mascara that day. It made me realize how we, as women need to appear a certain way to seem “vibrant” and “pretty”.

There was a time when Sephora didn't exist and no one knew what contouring was. There was a time when I thought makeup was putting on some lipgloss and mascara. Times have changed, makeup has evolved. To be fair I love Sephora more than the next person. You’re talking to someone who has a VIB Rouge card and in human language that means I spend way too much money there. I’m the girl who gets way too excited over a new eyeshadow palette, but you know what? WHO CARES. Is it really anyones business if I spend 30 minutes, if not more, applying makeup on and perfecting my winged liner? I’m not wearing makeup for you, I’m wearing it for me. It makes ME feel happy and it makes ME feel confident.

There was a point in time where I couldn't even leave the house with at least some makeup on my face because I was worried that someone I knew would see me and judge me for looking dull. It definitely wasn't easy but slowly I realized that I am still me, with or without makeup on. I am still that girl who loves to make people laugh and who always wants to take care of those close to her. She isn't going to change with a little more or a little less makeup on.

I guess the whole point of this article is to say, screw beauty standards. You do what makes you feel most confident and most beautiful. You don’t need to impress anybody but yourself. If you're happy with yourself and you show that to the world, those positive vibes will captivate the positive vibes of those around you.

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