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Fall In Love With Your Skin Again

Lately we have been obsessed with skincare. We are always trying out the newest and latest things on the market. Recently, we discovered Graydon Skincare. They are a plant powered skin care who’s main focus is to ensure that every one of their products are natural and full of nutrients to help benefit their clients skin.

We got the chance to try out some of their most popular products and we definitely were impressed with the results. Follow along as we take you through our skincare routine using all Graydon products.

With any skincare routine, it always begins with removing any sort of makeup, oil or dirt from your long day. Which is why we used the Graydon Aloe Milk 3-1 Cleanser. This completely removes any form of makeup or dirt off your face but doesn’t remove the natural oils necessary to keep the skin looking young. We loved the fact that this cleanser was not only super foamy, it smelled amazing due to the pink grapefruit geranium and bloody orange aroma blend infused into the cleanser.

Everyone wants that gorgeous glowing skin. Which is why the next step in the skincare routine is to apply the Graydon Superfood Mask + Scrub. This unique face mask is presented in little capsules! Each capsule contains a powdered mask and pre-portioned so you never waste any product! They are super easy to open as well. You can mix with your favourite cleanser, honey or even plain yogurt! This mask leaves your skin feeling smooth, exfoliated and brightened. Fun fact: it includes liquorice root which helps promote skin elasticity and fights inflammation from all those crazy breakouts!

Once your face mask is complete, we want to restore full nourishment into the skin. We absolutely love this next product; Graydon Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream. This smells absolutely delicious! This antioxidant moisturizer is rich and filled with Canadian grown berry seed oils. This moisturizer is perfect for dry and sensitive skin because it is full of Vitamins A & E which absorbs into the skin making it feel plump and glowing.

Sometimes we just want to leave the house without makeup which is why we are obsessed with the Graydon Face Glow Tinted Primer and Illuminator. This primer leaves a subtle tint to your skin with a gorgeous shimmer. It is infused with mineral mica which helps to blur imperfections and evens out your skin tone. We love using this when having to wear a full face of foundation isn’t necessary.

These next two products have nothing to do with skincare but we love haircare just as much as skincare. Especially with summer coming up, we want to protect our hair from the sun and chlorine. We have been using the Graydon Matcha Mint Shampoo and the Graydon Hair Smoothie Conditioner. The Matcha Mint Shampoo is lightweight and creamy which cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It is infused with many beneficial ingredients; matcha tea which not only softens the hair but it also prevents split ends, chia which hydrates the hair and sunflower seed extract which allows the hair to become thicker and sheen. The Smoothie Conditioner helps the hair detangle and deeply condition to treat sensitive scalps. What’s great about this conditioner is that just a little product goes a long way! It is rich in erucic acid made from broccoli seed oil which locks the hair with silicone free products which leaves the hair feeling smooth, soft and weightless!

After trying out these products for weeks now, there is no way we could go back to using other alternatives. The Graydon Skincare company is definitely our new favourite for skincare and has improved our skin tremendously! Have you tried it out yet? Let us know!

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