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Get ready for Back To School

Summer's already coming to an end and school is just around the corner. As much as we are not excited to go back into study mode, we are excited about shopping for back to school supplies and finding the perfect outfit to make an impression on the first day of school. Both of us are starting fresh in a new program so it was important for us to find outfits that really represented our sense of style and would show who we are right off the bat.

We put together three outfits each, hoping that they inspire you in creating your own back to school looks!

Bring On All The Pretenders

School spirit and ripped up jeans! For these outfits, we both wanted to take the comfortable look to the next level. It’s important to stay comfy if you’re going to be sitting in a classroom all day but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it. Chelsia is wearing a Concordia University hoodie and a pair of ripped jean shorts, a perfect way to showcase her school pride in style. She also finished off the look with our new favourite find, the vans platform shoes. As for me, I decided to go for a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a lace up t-shirt. I’ve recently fallen in love with the look of lace up t-shirts and how they can give a slight edge to any outfit.

CHELSIA is wearing CONCORDIA HOODIE (concordia book store), DENIM SHORTS (forever 21) and VANS OLD SKOOL (vans off the wall).

ARIANE is wearing LACE UP TEE (forever 21), RIPPED SKINNY JEANS (forever 21) and WHITE SNEAKERS (ardene).

Long Live The Look On Your Face

Dress to impress. If you want to start the year off with a look that will wow everyone, this is it. Chelsia is wearing a long-sleeved floral velvet dress with some lace up details. This is perfect to start school off with a bang and really showcase what your style is all about. As you can see, we really love the lace up look for this season and this is no exception. Chelsia’s backpack is from local company Matt + Nat and is our absolute favourite in terms of size and quality. For my look, I went a little more casual with a t-shirt dress and an oversized jean jacket. T-shirt dresses are always the best for when you want to look like you’ve put an effort in without putting too much work into it since you can just throw it on and walk out of the door.

CHELSIA is wearing FLORAL VELVET DRESS (band of gypsies), BACKPACK (matt +nat) and VANS OLD SKOOL (vans off the wall).

ARIANE is wearing T-SHIRT DRESS (boohoo), JEAN JACKET (thrift shop find) and WHITE SNEAKERS (ardene).

One Day We Will All Be Remembered

For this last look, we both went back to basics and chose things that really represented our fashion sense best. Chelsia went for an off-the-shoulder bodysuit with a nice plaid skirt, a look straight out of a 1998 music video (hit me baby one more time anyone?). A perfect look to stroll through the hallways of school making everyone ask where you got your outfit. The vans also made the perfect addition to this look as they match the skirt perfectly and really complete the look. I decided to go back to my trusty ripped jeans and pair them with a khaki shirt. The shirt has lace going up both sides and if you hadn’t been able to tell from the other two outfits, a favourite of mine.

CHELSIA is wearing BODYSUIT (Project Social T), PLAID SKIRT (Forever 21) and VANS OLD SKOOL (Vans off the wall).

ARIANE is wearing KHAKI LACE SHIRT (forever 21), SKINNY RIPPED JEANS (forever 21) and WHITE SNEAKERS (ardene).

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