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It's a jungle out there.

So summer has finally arrived in Montreal after months of rain and us girls couldn't be happier. This not only means we get to explore what our city has to offer, but we get to look cute while doing it too. Since this time last year we were in Los Angeles, the nostalgia was hitting pretty hard and so we had to find a place that felt like we were in the hot desert. Which is why our location for this shoot was none other than the Botanical Garden of Montreal. The decor of this location is absolutely breath taking. From the rows of cactus, to rose gardens, you feel like you are being swept into a different realm every room you enter.

The outfits we shot for this OOTD were super cute and had the perfect harmony with the Botanical Garden’s exhibits to create that perfect instagram shot. A girl’s gotta have some good summer aesthetics right?


You’re talking to a girl who loves a good romper. They're super playful and can be dressed up or dressed down….just pray you don't need to use the washroom too often. I absolutely loved the light blue tone of the romper, paired with light pink Puma sneakers. It turns this dressy romper into a cute casual wear! I’m also wearing a beautiful set of “Dirty Blonde” Luxy Hair extensions which gave me a beautiful natural wave to my hair.

Romper: Editorial

Shoes: Puma


This summer is all about loose flowy shorts. They’re not only super comfortable but make an outfit super cute and flirty. They can easily be worn with a crop top or even a body suit. Since the shorts had a print to them, I paired them up with a black body suit and denim vest to bring the outfit all together. For shoes, comfort has been the ultimate trend this summer so I couldn't help but wear my Nike’s.

Body suit: Capezio

Shorts: Editorial

Denim Vest: Levi’s

Shoes: Nike

We can't wait to find more summer looks to show you! Let us know what are some of your go to looks for the summer.

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