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It's New York baby, always jacked up.

One of my favourite places in the world is New York City. There’s just something about the fast-paced, concrete jungle city that keeps me coming back for more. Recently, a bunch of us decided to take some time off from our crazy midterms and head to the big city. As per usual, being the itinerary loving people that we are, we made sure we had a go to plan before leaving. Here are some of our top favourite places to visit while visiting the city.


The second we hopped off the plane and dropped off our luggage at the hotel, not only were we starving but had a desperate craving for brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda. There is absolutely nothing better than their fresh Green Shakshuka. Every time we go, its the one must-have dish. Some of us even ventured out and tried their amazing Jack’s Breakfast which is two eggs with the most tender grilled skirt steak I’ve ever had. Even though the Lafayette restaurant is small, the staff is super friendly and always hustling to accompany the lineup of customers waiting to try their delicious food.


All I can say is, “what a view.” If you are looking for an amazing spot to get those Instagram pictures in, Top of The Rock is the way to go. Some prefer going up the Empire State Building, however with Top Of The Rock you can have the Empire State Building visible in all your pictures! Located in the Rockefeller Centre, this 86th-floor observation deck hold amazing views of the city, even getting a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. I prefer this view over the Empire State Building because it’s glass panels give you the perfect view, making your pictures look exceptionally beautiful. What I also love is that you can book a time that you’d like to visit, so you are not stuck in lineups for half of the trip.


Being a lover of Italian food, and being half Italian, you could just imagine my excitement being able to experience Eataly for the first time. This giant Italian market is the largest in the world with a variety of different food stations like pasta/pizza, fish, bread, desserts and more some may say this is the Disney World of Italian foods. After a long day of exploring we were starving and couldn’t wait to stuff our face with some fresh pasta and pizza. The two dishes that were absolutely mouthwatering are the butternut squash with sage butter ravioli and the arugula and prosciutto pizza. Some of the most savoury dishes I have ever experienced. The vibes of the restaurant make it feel like you’re in a typical Italian market. This is definitely a place I would visit again and try out a different food station.


After exploring all the different foods New York City had to offer, we were in dire need of a healthy juice. So just before going for a stroll in Central Park, we decided to stop at Joe and the Juice. We all tried different juices and they were all so tasty. With our juice in hand, we decided to take a stroll around Central Park trying to capture the beauty of the park as much as we could with the little time we had. While walking to the lake in Central Park we even witnessed a beautiful engagement, so cool. We finally got to see the John Lennon “Imagine” mural and see all the little gems Central Park had to offer.

New York City holds a different experience every time you go because there is always something new to see or visit. We want to know what your favourite New York City gems are.

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