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Jewelry makes any outfit, which is why we were so excited when we teamed up with Jane & Rye jewelry. Founded in 2012, their urban inspired jewelry has captured the heart of Montreal. Every two years, they launch a new collection which has been the key to their success, making them one of the trendiest and seasonal jewelry yet. We love that every piece of their jewelry ha such a precise detail and time put into it, making it one of a kind. The two lovely pieces that we absolutely love from Jane & Rye is; TAS and MILA. We paired them up with cute outfits to really showcase the beauty of each piece.


This beautiful piece is definitely one of a kind. It is not only a trendy bracelet but it is attached to a matching ring. It is elegant and really makes your hand look like a piece of art. What we truly love about this is how versatile it is, you wear it with a nice dress for an event or you can use it to dress up a simple outfit and make a statement! Jane and Rye have similar pieces like this one so if you love the look of it, you can get different ones for different occasions!


This stunning head chain was an ultimate favorite. One of the greatest features of this piece is being able to wear it from the back and the front. It gives this piece two looks; more casual or more indie style for festivals. It is a super delicate and pretty piece we just fell in love with it! It looks incredible when wearing it with soft falling curls but if an updo is more your style, this can definitely give you an edge. Again, they have different models of hair pieces and body chains so anyone can find something to fit their style!

There are so many ways to wear these, which is why we love the brand Jane & Rye. Their pieces are so easy to dress up or dress down and still have the piece of jewelry look gorgeous. You can find Jane and Rye on instagram and purchases these pieces on their website.

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