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From fashionable styles to modern decor, the MC2520 launch was a full of glamour and pure passion for fashion. Every single corner of the boutique had such attention to detail which is what really made MC2520 different to any other boutique out there. The boutique is complete with top of line brands for women, men and children. Every article of clothing is handpicked, guaranteeing that only the best of the best is featured for MC2520 clients.

Giving the customers the opportunity to shop throughout the boutique like a VIP guest truly was what the owners, Mary and Chris, wanted to portray. A huge part of the VIP experience was created by Catherine Woron Communications, who simply transformed the store into the ultimate VIP party. Immediately customers are greeted at the door by two gorgeous statues of horses that invoked a sense of regality as the guests entered. Staying with the trendy vibes of the boutique, Fafa Khan was the DJ for night playing upbeat tunes keeping up with the energetic feel.

As expected, the store remained entirely accessible for those lucky enough to be invited. Invitees were welcome to browse as try on any articles they pleased, surrounded in a mellow party atmosphere. Behind solid wood doors adorned by the initials of the owners laid goodie bags for all those in attendance. The owners were engaging and cordial in their reception of the guests, with a catering station as well as a lustrous wood panel backdrop with perfect selfie lighting. The drinks were served by Sivo Distillery and were inspired by the Greek culture of the owners, using herbal liqueur, rye moonshine and the tart taste of lemonade all combined, resulted in a refreshing and delicious addition. It definitely wouldn’t be a party without some little hors d’oeuvres. With the theme of keeping it upscale and clean, PMG Catering took it to the next level with sushi being made right in front of clients, as well as bite size tacos to allow everyone to walk around and experience the boutique as a whole, while having little treats a long the way.

By the end of the night, the customers left MC2520 with goodie bags in hand, M&M’s with the companies logo on them and a huge smile on their face from the fabulous the night they just had. Every guest that was invited left feeling like a true VIP, with the utmost intentions of returning to the boutique to shop for their next event.

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