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New York's finest: The Halal Guys

You may have heard of The Halal Guys, they’ve been serving out of their food truck for the past twenty-five years and have slowly grown into a food empire with over 23 locations all over the world. Being a new yorker at heart, I have a ton of favourite dinner spots for when I get to the city but this is my go-to spot. I was introduced to it by one of my New York friends and was instantly hooked.

We had the chance to experience the opening of the Montreal location, right in the heart of downtown! The ambiance was amazing and you could feel the excitement of everyone around. When we arrived, the line of faithful Halal fans went around the block, all waiting for their turn to get inside the brand new store.

In honor of opening day, the Halal Guys staff had a big wheel set up at the front of the store and gave the first 500 customers a chance to spin it. Free food, t-shirts and desserts were only a few of the prizes given away. We spun the wheel as well before getting inside the store and won a t-shirt as well as a free drink!

On our way in we got the chance to speak to franchise owner Louis, he was very sweet and told us that he wanted this to be the same experience as the one in New York. He informed us that they got their special secret spices and their infamous white sauce shipped straight from the big apple every week. He seemed very passionate about his store and made a point to speak to every person walking into that door.

We went for a combo platter and a chicken platter, making sure to get a ton of white sauce on there as well. If you’re looking to get the full Halal Guys experience, the combo platter is their most famous dish and the best way to try out all of their flavours. I usually add a little bit of hot sauce to mine but be careful with it because it is very spicy!

If you want to check them out, they are located at 1448 Mackay Street between Sainte-Catherine and Maisonneuve.

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