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Official guide to LA

You may or may not have heard that we got the chance to spend two amazing weeks in Los Angeles. The trip was filled with amazing views, amazing eats, and amazing people. Throughout the trip we truly found some amazing places and felt that everyone needs to know about them! So if ever you're planning your trip to LA, we definitely recommend visiting some of these places!


  1. Griffith Observatory

Views, views and more views. As you are walking up towards the observatory you are overwhelmed with awe. The Griffith Observatory sits on a hill in Los Angeles, kind of like a castle high up in the mountains. Once we parked the car, we had approximately a 15 minute hike up to the observatory. What we loved most about the Griffith Observatory is that it has a complete 360 degree view of the city of Los Angeles. Our absolute favourite view is the Hollywood sign! There are telescopes placed all around the premises so that you can get an even better view. We definitely felt like we were on top of the world!


I’m sure you’ve seen the thousands of Instagram posts of this place, so obviously we had to see what the hype was all about…..and take some instagram pictures too (duh). Walking up to these hundreds of these lamp posts was truly magical. We were worried there would be so many tourists, but were surprised to be the only ones there. Just walking through the row of lamp posts and checking out the designs of each one was absolutely incredible. Not only was this one of the more calming and relaxing things we did, we also got some great shots for Instagram ;)

3. Santa Monica Pier

We just couldn’t go to Los Angeles and not see the famous Santa Monica Pier! After spending a relaxing day at Santa Monica beach, we decided to take a walk to the pier, and wow were we amazed. From talented musicians, to people dancing on the boardwalk there is definitely always something entertaining you. As you're walking along the boardwalk with the sea breeze in your hair, you’ll discover plenty of typical carnival food shacks, and of course couldn't resist trying some. However, our absolute favourite part of the pier was Pacific Park, the little amusement park situated right on the pier! We couldn't wait to go on the ferris wheel and enjoy more amazing views from the top! (P.S. did you know the Santa Monica Pier is a major pokestop??)


  1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Six words. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One of the main reasons we wanted to go on this trip was for this exact reason. Being the Harry Potter fans that we are, there was no way we could miss the opportunity of becoming official Potterheads. From the amazing architecture, to the great Butterbeer, we were like little kids visiting Disney World for the first time; in absolute awe. It might've been a struggle to get up at 6AM that morning to make sure we had time to do all the rides, but it was completely worth it in the end. We then eventually had to move on and visit other parts of the park such as The Walking Dead attraction, The Simpsons Ride, Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, and the great Shrek in 4-D. By the end of the day we were completely exhausted, but it was one of the greatest days we had.

2. Shopping

How does one go to Los Angeles, and not shop? The answer, they don’t. Shopping in Los Angeles can pretty much be considered as a tourist attraction. From The Grove, to Rodeo Drive, there are so many amazing places to shop in the city. We absolutely fell in love with the landscaping and little town feel of The Grove. There are so many shops that it is almost impossible to not buy something. We were then feeling adventurous and thought we should take a trip down Rodeo Drive. As soon as you enter Rodeo Drive, the atmosphere changes. Expensive cars, expensive boutiques, expensive everything…..and we loved every second of it. Whether you can afford these shops or not, its an amazing place to just walk around and enjoy sights. I felt like i was in a scene from Pretty Woman and it was absolutely breathtaking.

3. Visit Beaches

Let’s go the beach beach? We always forgot that we were on vacation and needed some days to just sit on a beach and relax! Throughout the two weeks, we scheduled 3 beaches that we really wanted to see; El Matador State Beach, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. Each beach had something special and unique about it. El Matador is a smaller beach located in Malibu and has beautiful rocks situated along the coast. There are also plenty of cave-like spots to set down your towel if you want some shade. Santa Monica Beach was one of my favourite ones we visited. We were able to find a nice quiet spot, to relax and lie down on beautiful clean sand, the only thing that was missing was a pina colada! Venice Beach was a more lively and exciting beach to visit. We took a long walk down the beach looking at the beautiful houses, the little shops and all the activities that take place directly on the beach!


  1. Sycamore Kitchen

We absolutely fell in love with this little breakfast cafe, so much so we had to go twice. From amazing avocado toast to the scrambled egg chorizo sandwich, every item on the menu is quality made. The have amazing iced coffee (super important) and some of the best freshly squeezed orange juice. Not only did we fall in love with the food, but we also fell in love with the atmosphere. Their outdoor terrace is designed with cute tables and couches, which makes for a very calm and cozy environment. If you’re looking for a quick brunch spot, this is definitely the place for you.

2. Nobu

If you love Japanese food, and have some bucks to spend, you definitely need to try out Nobu. We think it completely changed our view on sushi and nothing can live up to Nobu standards. I think our waiter saw that we were newbies and was kind enough to recommend us some of the more popular dishes, and he was definitely spot on. The restaurant had dimmed lights which made a very relaxing atmosphere. Our favourite dishes that are a must try are: Lobster Ceviche, House Special Roll and the Negi Toro Roll. Every dish was elegantly placed and the quality of the food was just outstanding.

3. The Nice Guy

This restaurant was definitely a special treat for us and were ecstatic when we found out we would be able to try the amazing food. The first thing you notice before walking in the restaurant is the “No Photos Please” sign, and right away you know this is not your typical restaurant. Once you're inside the restaurant you are in almost complete darkness, which makes for a more quiet and intimate experience. The food was absolutely amazing and refined. Some amazing dishes that we loved were the Penne Arrabbiata and the Nice Guy Burger. We also loved that they have a little Photo Booth at the back of the restaurant, so we definitely took full advantage of that!

There are so many more amazing things to see, do and eat in Los Angeles but these previously mentioned are definitely some of the best. Los Angeles is a city full of opportunity and the perfect place to explore, which is why we cannot wait to go back. Let us know what your favourite spots in Los Angeles are!

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