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Packing like a pro.

Planning a trip anywhere can be stressful, and the worst of all? Packing. We all have that one thought in mind; what if I overpack? I can admittedly say I used to be the queen of overpacking, and sometimes still am. However, I picked up a few tricks here and there to help manage what I pack.

On this trip to Los Angeles, I was absolutely sure I was gonna overpack. I mean, a girl does need options right? Here are a few tips and tricks I used on this trip to help facilitate the packing process

  1. Make a list - always start my packing process with a list of necessities, that way I can never forget to pack something. The more detailed the list, the better. I usually print out 2-3 of them so I can do a double check of everything I have

  2. Big sturdy luggage - I've been traveling for a while now and always used material luggage, however on this trip, i decided to splurge and buy myself a hard cover luggage. I fell in love with this Diane Von Furstenberg luggage. Its a classy, yet durable luggage that has two separate compartments for clothes, shoes and toiletries. This is also the first luggage I've ever had that has four wheels (so amazing!!!)

  3. Folding/Rolling Clothing - for someone who likes to pack more clothes than she needs (oops?) I can definitely confirm that rolling all your clothes saves SO much space in the luggage. I like to separate my clothes in the luggage by bottoms, tops, dresses and then rompers. It not only makes it easier to find the article of clothing, it's easier to store in the closet when you get to the hotel.

  4. The Sock Trick? - ever want to pack those gorgeous new sandals but scared to get them squashed and completely destroyed? Well this is where the sock trick comes in. All the socks I plan on packing for the trip, I tuck them into the sandals so that that keep their shape throughout the long voyage! You can even use this trick for heels and booties too!

  5. Toiletries - packing toiletries can be such a pain because not only are you scared of certain items leaking, there's always so much you need to pack. I bought my toiletries bag at Sephora which also came with a makeup bag that I can bring some essentials with me on my carry on. I absolutely love this bag because it comes with two dividers so I can separate my day toiletries and my night toiletries. Any lotion, body wash, or shampoo i like to pack separately in its own ziplog back, in case it leaks. I also put my entire toiletries bag in a giant ziplog bag juuuuuuust to be safe.

I hope these tricks and tips make it a little easier for you when it comes to travelling, I know they did for me! Just think, packing is hopefully the only obstacle you have to deal with while on vacation because remember, you are on vacation!

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