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Ready, set, juice!

It’s the new year and we definitely wanted to start it off on the right track. Other than going on a diet, which can be completely boring, we decided that trying out a juice cleanse would be something new to try! There are so many juice companies here in Montreal but when we saw the delicious flavours of juices from Jus Enzymes, we knew this would be the perfect fit.

Jus Enzymes was founded by Joe and Pascale who met while working on a touring show for Cirque du Soleil. While touring the world, they discovered cold pressed juices and immediately knew this would be the perfect way to start a business. Having a great passion for health and nutrition, Pascale was eventually able to pass over this passion to Joe. Pascale would begin creating recipes in hotel rooms and eventually would start selling these juices to the people on tour with her! Once home from tour in April 2014, they began to start up a business.

Jus Enzyme’s mission is to positively influence as many people as possible to transition to a healthier lifestyle and demonstrate the power of natural and organic nutrition. This is what sets Jus Enzymes apart from other companies, all their juices are raw and certified organic. They partner up with local farmers like Ferme La Bourrasque to get all their fresh ingredients. They are able to get fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables 6 months out of the year. They also donate the pulp that is used in their juices to Karnivor, which is a company that produces raw food for cats and dogs. They also giveaway their almond pulp to Soupesoup, who use it to make a delicious cake with it. We love that not only do they provide healthy and organic options to their consumers, but they also give back to local companies.

Jus Enzymes will allow you to realize what impact nutrition has on your body. It is the best way to start fresh and transition to a healthier lifestyle. Recurring juice cleanses can not only have a positive physical effect on you, but also a mental and emotional effect. By cancelling out processed foods in your diet, these juices will help effectively distribute nutrients throughout your body and boost your energy. Eating healthy is just the beginning of having healthier skin and hair as well as thinking more clearly, and feeling less stressed.

After completing this cleanse, we have definitely seen a difference with our bodies. We feel much more energized and definitely saw a difference in our skin. We absolutely loved the taste of all these juices which made it much more effortless to complete this cleanse. Our favourite ones out of all of the juices would Immunity and Brite Lite!

For more information on our cleanse please visit jusenzymes.com under Instructions and Q&A.

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