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Scarves and the city.

This winter, we’ve fallen in love with blanket scarves. Cozy and warm, they are perfect for the freezing weather that we get here in Montreal. On top of being comforting, these scarves are versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. We’ve come up with four different ways to style them but these are just a few options out of so many.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

A little bit of plaid is always a good choice. To dress up this long black scarf and make it stand out, we went with a deep burgundy top and a cute plaid skirt with tones of burgundy and navy. This look is great for warmer winter days (we’re talking -5 and up) where you wanna dress up without freezing too much. The skirt and top are both from Simons, the jacket is from Topshop, the boots from Karl Lagerfeld and the long cozy scarf is from Urban Outfitters.

Baby, talk is cheap

Layers, layers, layers. When it gets cold outside, we don’t necessarily want to give up look for a big winter jacket so the best way to look cute without becoming a piece of ice is by layering! With this specific outfit, we layered a long sleeved dress (which you may have see in a previous article), an simple black sweater and an oversized jean jacket. It pairs perfectly with the khaki scarf and will keep you warm! The sweater is from etsy (for the hamilton fans, it reads talk less, smile more), the dress and jacket are both from a thrift shop called Rumours in Chapel Hill, NC, the boots are from H&M and the scarf is from Urban Outfitters.

Easy Come, Easy Go

They’re not called blanket scarves for nothing! Paired up with a high waisted jean skirt and a leather jacket, this scarf is perfect to wear wrapped around your shoulders. It adds some extra colour to an outfit and dimension as well. Tucked under the fur collar from this jacket, it takes cozy and warm to the next level. We love this scarf as it’s shaped in a square and easy to style with any outfit. The scarf is from Modcloth, the leather jacket and beanie are from Topshop, the bodysuit is from Nastygal and the jean skirt is from Simons!

Don’t ask, Don’t tell

Who doesn’t love a good pair of ripped jeans? This is our favourite every day look that really mixes comfort and style perfectly. A big blanket scarf, an oversized sweater and a pair of skinny jeans is all you need. If it gets a little too cold as well, adding a jean or leather jacket will dress it up slightly without taking away from your look! The sweater is from Marks and Spencer, the jeans are from Forever 21, the scarf is from H&M and the shoes are Adidas.

If you have a cool, unique way of wearing your blanket scarves share them with us over on instagram or by linking them here! We’d love to see the looks you create with our favourite accessory of the season.

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