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Seb's famous grilled cheese.

Our good friend and colleague Sebastian is famous around work for his famous grilled cheese sandwiches. From sweet to savory, he can whip out an outstanding sandwich with whatever ingredient is in your fridge. We thought it would be a great idea to invite him on the blog to share his three favourite recipes with you guys! Whether you follow them step-by-step or customize them to your own taste, these grilled cheese are sure to satisfy your hunger.


This is an absolute treat. Sweet and creamy, the different combinations of flavours in this sandwich make it the perfect decadent lunch. Caramelize some apples with a little bit of sugar and molasses, add them on top of thick brie slices, finish off with a little bit of fig jam and you have your masterpiece! Make sure you cook it long enough so that the bread gets a golden colour and the brie has time to melt.


An elevated version of your plain usual grilled cheese. Choose your three favourite cheese (in this case we went for provologne, swiss and you guessed it, more brie) and set them down on a well buttered piece of bread. We chose an olive bread to give it an extra kick but any type will work. Once the cheese start melting, top it off with your favorite spaghetti sauce and add a second piece of bread. This take on a classic is really good and very easy to make.


You probably already know by now that we love avocado at Pretty and Brash so when Seb made this one for us we were

over the moon. Thinly sliced avocado on top of layers of monterey jack cheese and a thick pumpernickel bread. Once the

cheese has melted properly between the bread, top it off with a bit (or a lot) of sriracha and voilà!

We hope you enjoy these :)

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