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Who said you had to be in a relationship to enjoy yourself on Valentine’s day? This article is for all of my single gals out there, here’s how to make this day suck less!


The best way to enjoy yourself on the day of love, is to find the best way to treat yourself. Whether it’s by sipping on a glass of rosé in a warm bubble bath or by reading your favourite book again for the tenth time, whatever works best for you. Taking it one step further, why not use valentine’s day as an excuse to buy yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time? You don’t need a boy to buy you lingerie or a nice necklace, buy it for yourself! Make this whole day about you and you only.

If you’re not sure what you should get yourself, here’s my favourite “treat yo self” gift ideas:


A little piece of lingerie to make feel extra sexy. Nobody has to know you’re wearing it, it’s like a little secret that you’re keeping under your clothes. One of my personal favourite companies for lingerie has to be Sokoloff Lingerie! On top of making beautiful, delicate and sexy pieces, they’re a local company. You don’t need a partner to buy you lingerie, buy it for yourself and embrace your sexy side!


To tie in with the whole feeling and looking sexy, another thing you can treat yourself too is a nice piece of jewelry. Get yourself a fun new ring or a nice body chain to accessorize your favourite outfits. A personal favourite of mine is French Fiasco a company that just screams sensuality and really accentuates those an open front dress or body suit. Also a local company so you have no excuse not to love them!


Chocolate is the cure for everything. Whether you prefer dark chocolate or milk, treat yourself to a nice box on valentine’s day and let yourself enjoy it. My go-to chocolates for when I really want to treat myself are the Geneviève Grandbois chocolates. Once again, they are made locally and are truly some of the best chocolates you will have! If you’re not sure which ones to get, the maple and the salted caramel have my heart.


Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath after a long day. The best way to end valentine’s day on a good note is to pour yourself a nice glass of rosé and let yourself slip in the bath. I always try to have at least two or three lush bombs available in my bathroom for those exact situations because a bath isn’t complete unless it has bubbles or a nice glittery water!


Surely you’re not the only single one of your crew so invite your best girls over for a fun night of pizza, wine and lots of laughter. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a day where you only celebrate relationships, it can also be a great day to celebrate your most significant friendships.

Here are a couple of date ideas for the perfect galentine’s day:


Karaoke is always a good decision. I mean, who doesn’t love singing throwback songs at the top of their lungs! It is the best way to let go of all your worries and really have the time of your life.


Pizza night! What’s more comforting that a big slice of cheesy pepperoni pizza? Honestly, nothing. Spending the night in some comfy pajamas, gossiping on the couch with your best friends is what a call a successful valentine’s day! Your friends in relationships will be jealous they had to dress up and go out!


If you’re feeling up to it, another way to get the most out of the night is going out. Spend the evening getting ready and pre-gaming at someone’s house before finishing off the night at one of the fancy clubs downtown. If you really wanna go all out, why not get yourself a table and bottle service! Now I know this year valentine’s day falls on a Wednesday but so what? You only live once right?

Hope you enjoyed these suggestions, I’d love to see how you single ladies celebrate valentine’s day so hit me up on instagram and show me your best galentine’s day nights!

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