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Small changes to a healthier you.

Balancing a busy schedule while maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be quite a struggle. A lot of people often don’t take the time to focus on their health and wellness. For a long time, I was one of those people. I still have trouble sometimes finding the motivation to go to the gym or even the time to do so but I’ve found simple things to add to my routine that truly make a difference.

Here are the five things I’ve found truly make a difference.


Water, water, water. Drinking the right amount will bring you many benefits like more energy, a better immune system and even a clearer skin! In my case, I started drinking about two litres a day and have definitely seen a difference. On top of feeling a lot more energized, I have found my face seems to glow a lot more and I have a lot less breakouts. It can be a hard change to go from drinking no water to drinking that much is so little time but start small! I started by doing 500ML a day for a week and then went up another 500 every week, by the end of the month I was drinking a full 2 litres without an issue.


I’ve never been a believer in tea cleanses, nor do I still think that they are miracle solution but this one definitely made a difference. Not in terms of weight loss but it definitely helped boosting my metabolism and helping with my appetite. I had a cup in the morning and another one during the day, usually cold, and truly loved the taste. It’s very tangy and tastes exactly like the passion tea at Starbucks which is one of my absolute favorites. I definitely recommend trying this if you want to kick start getting in shape. Like I said, it won’t perform any miracles but it will definitely get you on the right track!


Whether it be to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to walk to work instead of taking the bus or even just to walk your dog an extra ten minutes instead of the small around the block walk, any small change is a good change. As time goes on, you will notice that you will start taking the healthier options without even thinking about it. It’s the simple things that can make big differences.


This was something I definitely struggled with before. I was the type of person who would walk out of the house in a rush without eating anything and functioning on coffee until lunch. It was the first change I made to my routine and it truly made a big difference. Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I would have to agree with that. It will give you all the energy you need to go on with your tasks and will give you the energy you need throughout the day. If you are trying to get in shape or just want to be more healthy, this is probably the first thing I would do.


Remember when you were younger and you loved to play outside or to dance in your room? Tap into that and find something that truly gets you going. I hate going to the gym but I love to dance so I started taking dance classes again to stay in shape! You don’t have to take a crazy amount of classes, once a week is enough to get you on the good path. Being healthy doesn’t have to feel like a chore, it should be something that you do to feel good.

Let us know what your favorite ways of staying healthy are, we love to hear from you!

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