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The best relationships are messy ones.

If you didn’t know this about me, I am a sucker for body scrubs. Honestly, if I could make a living out of exfoliating my body I probably would.

I have tried many scrub companies but none have ever lived up to my man, Frank. On top of their amazing marketing, Frank body has a huge line of products that work for every type of skin and target many problem areas. All their products are entirely vegan and as they like to say, only tested on babes, not animals! I’ve tried (and loved) all of them but here are a few of my favorite products from Frank.


This was definitely a hard decision. Between the original coffee scrub and the peppermint one, it was a big toss up but I couldn’t do an article without what made Frank famous. With simple ingredients like robusta coffee beans, almond oil and sea salt, the original coffee scrub is sure to leave your skin silky smooth. The bag suggest a usage between 3-5 days a week which is pretty accurate, I usually use it about 3-4 times a week. I absolutely adore this product and I always make sure I have a second bag in my vanity, just in case I run out.

PSA: This product is definitely a messy one, I highly suggest using it in the shower or bath because anywhere else will be really hard to clean up.


I didn’t use this until a few months ago but it has been a true revelation for me. I have very dry skin, like sahara dry, and this definitely helped. It’s very gentle and made with all-natural ingredients which is perfect for sensitive skin! There is no suggested use to this, it really depends on your daily routine but I usually use it in the morning as a primer and at night right before bed. My favorite thing about this is that it’s not too thick nor sticky which is often the case with moisturizers.


This is a life saviour, especially in cold winter days (they’re coming, get ready). The lip scrub is great to help with chapped lips and remove dead skin. A small amount goes a long way with it so the product lasts a long time. Major plus: on top of smelling incredible, the scrub is also very tasty and once you’re done scrubbing you can lick the coffee flavoured leftover right off your lips!

The balm is very similar to petroleum jelly but without any of the nasty stuff. Made with Lanolin, coffee arabica seed oil and vitamin E, the balm really hydrates your lips and gives them a nice shiny finish. The tube is small enough to fit in even the tiniest of purses so there’s no reason not to carry this baby around.

Here we have it! There are a ton of other products that haven’t been mentioned in this article but also deserve a try (the face cleanser for example) but I wanted to present you with a few of my personal favorites. I really like what the company stands for and how honest it is about what goes into their products, it really makes me feel good about using them and about promoting them to other people. If you use Frank Body already, let me know what your favorite products are or if you are thinking of ordering some, I’d love to hear from you!

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