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There's only one Tree Hill and it's your home.

You may be familiar with this little show called One Tree Hill. Following the lives of Lucas and Nathan Scott, the show aired from 2003 to 2012 with a total of eight seasons and close to 200 episodes. As were many, I was absolutely hooked to this show from the moment it aired and followed the characters as they grew throughout the years. The show was actually filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina a lovely town in the south of the United States. I got the chance last weekend to do a day trip to the city where Tree Hill came to life and it was amazing.

On top of still having a lot of the show's memorabilia, Wilmington is home to a ton of adorable shops and restaurants. Whether you're a fan of the show or not, this city has a little of something for everyone.


Whether you wanna take a walk on the bridge from the original credits, visit the table from the Naley cracker jack scene or see the characters' houses, it's super easy to find all of theses locations online. The first place we went to was the table from one of my favorite scenes (don't say I never gave you anything). Situated by the water on the riverwalk, the table is in the center of downtown Wilmington, right at the end of Market Street which is populated with the cutest shops. Nearby would be the Rivercourt but this one was taken down a couple of years after the show finished filming. Up the street from this spot is a big store with a ton One Tree Hill merchandise including Clothes over Bros shirts, Ravens gear and the infamous Scott's body shop sweaters. I bought a couple of things and then we drove around the city a little to visit the neighbourhoods. One house I was especially excited to see was Brooke Davis' house. Still true to the show, the door is still a bright red keeping the essence of the house of the girl behind the red door. Close by to all of the houses is the famous bridge from the opening credits. I, of course, needed to put on my new Scott sweatshirt and take a picture on it. There's a ton of other spots, including TRIC/Red Bedroom Records which is still up along with Karen's café and the Clothes Over Bros facade. The whole town is truly keeping the OTH legacy up and has a great ambiance.


On top of all the amazing One Tree Hill spots to visit, Wilmington is also an adorable town in general. With tons of small shops, cafés and the beach nearby, this city has everything you could want. Like I mentioned a little higher, Market Street is a go-to for a little shopping. If you're looking for a good eat, definitely check out Blue Surf Café. A diverse menu of fresh burgers, sandwiches and tacos, they have a ton of different options including a bunch of vegetarian versions of their plates. Their homemade salt and pepper chips are to die for and if in season, they offer a variety of gourmet hot chocolates (nutella anyone?). Another favorite of mine, about 20 minutes from Wilmington, by the beach, is Loops Donuts. With the most amazing flavours including maple bacon, salted caramel and key lime pie, this little shop is absolutely incredible. It also happens to brew possibly one of the best Iced Coffee I've ever had. It was slightly cold but we still decided to enjoy our coffees and donuts on the beach which made it all come together.

All in all, if you ever find yourself in North Carolina with time to spare I would definitely suggest visiting Wilmington even if you're not a fan of the show it's still a great city with lots of history to it. If you plan on visiting the One Tree Hill spots and need help finding the adresses to any of them, leave a comment and I will gladly send them to you!

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