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This is halloween.

We both love Halloween and dressing up is a huge part of this holiday. We wanted to find cute easy makeup looks that didn't require purchasing too many things. These are four looks that are sure to make you the talk of your halloween party!


On top of being super cute, this makeup look is very easy to do! You just need a lot of bronzer, a good highlighter, eyeliner and white face paint. Just do your foundation as you normally would and then contour your face with a dark bronzer and highlighter. Make sure you really pack it on, this isn’t a normal makeup look so you want it to pop. Use your eyeliner to darken a small part of your nose and the white face paint to make the dots. There you have it! I decided to just leave my hair down but you could definitely play it up with two top knots or antlers.


Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a mermaid. I'm pretty sure I thought I was going to be the next Ariel who wanted to find her Eric. This little throwback memory is what inspired this cute and simple Halloween look. I was able to find a little mermaid kit at the Halloween store which helped create the scale pattern! I gently placed the outline on areas of my face I wanted to create this effect on and applied face paint on top of the outline! I then added a little eyeshadow and eyeliner to really make this look pop! If you can't find a kit, you can easily use fish net stockings to use as an outline!


This look is a quick one to do if you’re looking for something original and colourful. You’ll need blue and white face paint as well as pink eyeshadow. Cover the entire area under your eyes all the way to the middle of your cheeks with the blue face paint. You can also do your eyelids already as it will be easier to blend with the pink afterwards. Once the blue is applied properly, blend in some pink eyeshadow on the sides. Use a small tip brush to draw stars and constellations on with the white face paint. You can use a completely random pattern and it doesn’t have to be perfect (mine certainly isn’t).


There was such a hype for this look last year but I just couldn't resist trying it this year! I find it so unique and so easy to do. I used white face paint to create tiny dots all over my face. For this you can use the bottom of a makeup brush or even the bottom of a pen! Once that was done I created lines around my face, nose and lips using a black eye liner. This part is crucial and really gives it a comic book effect! Once that was all done, I added a few little details such as a tear drop and made my lips a fiery red to make that comic book seem complete!

There you go! We hope you enjoy these halloween looks as much as we enjoyed making them for you. We'll definitely be rocking those at our next halloween parties.

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