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To the sugar shack we go.

It’s my favourite time of year where every Quebecer gets excited for the sugar shack, or what most Quebecers say; la cabane a sucre. There’s nothing better than getting together with friends and family, sitting at a long table full of delicious food while spending quality time together. We decided to take a day trip to one of the most famous and popular Cabane A Sucre in Quebec; Le Constantin. This sugar shack has been part of the Constantin family since 1941. They have been serving delicious maple treats and traditional sugar shack brunches ever since.

Their delicious menu is all you can eat style therefore you can enjoy as much food as you’d like and get your fill before the season ends! Their menu consists of pea soup, sausages in syrup, ham, maple syrup beans, eggs, boiled potatoes and their famous cretons. Then just when you think you can't eat anymore, they offer a variety of desserts to choose from like pudding au chomeur, sugar pie, crepes and soft ice cream. Oh and don’t worry if there’s leftover! They give all the leftover food to the farm animals out back!

After that big meal, you definitely need a nice walk around the sugar shack. You can enjoy a nice sleigh ride around the area and look at all the beautiful farm animals. My ultimate favourite activity at the sugar shack is what we call “la tire.” This is where hot maple syrup is poured on compacted snow and once its a little firmer, you take a popsicle stick and twirl so it become a lollipop. I’ll admit I can never just have one! At the sugar shack they also show you how maple syrup is made and what machine is used to purify and create that beautiful silky maple syrup we drench our waffles in!

This is my favourite sugar shack because it is truly what traditional Quebec sugar shack is and everyone who works there is super friendly and makes you feel like part of the family.

What other family traditions do you have your city? Share with us!

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