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Under the Christmas tree.

I love spoiling my loved ones with gifts so I have to do a lot of wrapping during the holidays. In the past few years, I never really had the time to wrap my gifts any special way so it usually ended up with whatever was left in my closet and reused bags from previous years.

This year, I decided to do it a little different. It really did not take that much longer but ended up looking so cute! It's not more expensive either because I found all that I needed at the dollar store and was able to get away with it for less than 5$!

You will need:

  • Kraft paper

  • String (beige or brown)

  • Wooden letters

  • Paint (red or green)

  • Paintbrushes

Before you wrap your gifts, I suggest picking out the first letters of everyone's names and painting them. If you paint them before, they'll have time to dry while you wrap all your boxes! I switched it around depending on the gifts and painted some with red, green or even both!

Once these are off drying, just wrap all of your boxes with the kraft paper. It's super easy to manipulate and works just as well as normal wrapping paper.

Once they’re well wrapped and secured with scotch tape, you can wrap the string around as you would with a ribbon. Since the string I was using was a little thin, I wrapped two of them around each side! When the letters are dry, use the same string to wrap it around and tie to the middle of the gift where the two strings meet.

There you go! A super simple and beautiful way to wrap your gifts originally. You can also replace the wooden letter with a tree branch, a Christmas tag or even a small ornament! Let your imagination run free and show us your results by tagging us on instagram!

Happy Holidays!

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