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Yesterday I had the opportunity to check out the Montreal Food Festival called YUL EAT. This festival takes place at the Old Port by the Clockwater Tower. This is the second year this festival takes place and definitely gets better every year. The main idea of this festival is to promote and discover local restaurants as well as to satisfy food lovers to make Montreal a gastronomic place.

The game plan was to first take a look and discover the many restaurants that were offered at the festival, then settle on my favourites. It was definitely not an easy choice because I wanted to try them all!

I couldn't go to a Montreal food festival and not get some poutine dishes. For those I went to Mikado and Pinokio. Mikado had an amazing General Tao poutine, like hello you had me at general tao. They serve the poutine in a cute chinese take out box filled with crispy french fries, topped with some delicious general tao chicken and sauce, I could not ask for a better combination. Next is the ultimate poutine from Pinokio, a Gnocchi Ossobucco Poutine (cue the freak out)!!! Instead of french fries, they serve this poutine with fried gnocchi, topped with gravy, pulled ossobucco and cheese curds. To say this was an emotional experience, is an understatement. It was one of the best dishes I tried so far.

After taking a little break we discovered a little food truck called Mi Corazon. Which is where we discovered the Pogo à Pedro. These aren't just your typical Pogo’s. Served with 2 Pogo’s on a dish, they are topped with feta, green onions, mustard, hot sauce, crushed tortilla chips and sour cream. It was definitely a great combination that went together perfectly.

And now for the dessert. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some Mr.Puffs. There were so many different options to chose from, but I finally decided to try the raspberry and sugar topped Puffs. Freshly made in front of you, this decadent, fluffy dessert is the perfect way to end this great day. I of course, couldn't have dessert without a good iced vanilla latte.

Overall the YUL EAT festival was the ultimate success. I enjoyed exploring different restaurants that I have never known about before that are right here in my city. Festivals like this are just of the ways that make me appreciate how amazing the city of Montreal is. I definitely cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

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